JIMCO has a talented and flexible group of employees which have supported a growing scope of services. Our experience involves both running existing operations and developing new projects. As we work with our customers, we expect to be able to offer ways to provide additional value beyond the scope of the initial job. Specific capabilities include:


JIMCO has rapidly grown to become a preferred provider of transloading services in the Southeast.

In addition to being effective operators, we understand the importance of the overall process, including: meeting vessel cut dates, proper documentation, inspection requirements, cleanliness and certified weights. We clearly appreciate that all of these aspects need to be done efficiently in order for the transactions to work for the customer. Our relationships with the railroads and port authorities, have been essential to our success and enhance the value we offer. JIMCO continues to expand its transloading capabilities, which include:

  • Agricultural whole grains and by-products (including limited-flow DDG)
  • Aggregates
  • Liquids
  • Other solid products

Hard Car Unloader

JIMCO has invested in technology to improve the efficiency of operations.

The hard car unloading system allows JIMCO to quickly remove difficult material from railcars at a rate that supports our customers’ needs. The key element of this system is an articulated NPK hydraulic pick which allows the operator to fully clear the car in short order. JIMCO was the first to install hard car unloaders on the east coast.

Plant Operations & Maintenance

Most of our employees and managers have backgrounds in chemical plant operations.

This is where JIMCO started. We are well versed in the various aspects critical to a plant’s success. JIMCO strives to understand how our unit’s operation relates to the optimization of the entire site. We will operate accordingly and suggest ways to add more value to our customer as we gain experience in the project. Some areas of expertise include:

  • Chemical plant operations and maintenance
  • Ore recovery operations
  • Solids Handling
  • Dredging and dewatering
  • Wastewater treatment plant operations and maintenance
  • Heavy equipment operations

Facility Operations & Maintenance

Many companies prefer to stick to their core competencies and outsource other non-core functions.

JIMCO is well suited to partner with companies to take on those non-core roles. From building maintenance, to security, to janitorial services JIMCO can effectively operate these secondary, but important functions, so that the customer can focus on their primary business. Areas of expertise include:

  • Building maintenance
  • Security
  • Janitorial

Business Management

JIMCO is capable of conducting turn key operations.

We can handle the human resource management, billing / collections, reporting and general administrative requirements needed to support a stand-alone operation. This structure has worked well for some of our customers.

Terminal Operations

Our diverse experience makes JIMCO a good choice as a partner in terminal operations.

Our employees have experience unloading ships and have the range of experience and skills to be an asset in this area.